Rifle Club

The HAC Rifle Club caters for HAC members and friends or relations who are interested in full-bore (7.62mm) Target Rifle shooting under National Rifle Association conditions – that is, deliberate, single-shot firing from the prone position at fixed targets, at distances between 300 and 1000 yards.  The Club shoots exclusively at Bisley.
The season is from Spring to Autumn each year, and the programme typically consists of five or six half-day practice sessions, three or four matches, and the Championship weekend.  Matches in recent years have been against the North London Rifle Club, the Surrey Rifle Association and the Army Target Rifle Association, and a match against the London Scottish Rifle Club run concurrently with the Championship and followed by a combined dinner.  Some of these events are combined over a weekend so that members living some distance away can ‘sleep over’ and make their journey more worthwhile.  The Club has associate membership of the London Middlesex, where it keeps its equipment.  Many of the club members are also members of the North London.
The Club has four rifles of different makes, together with spotting telescopes and other equipment available for members.  One-to-one supervision and coaching of new probationary members is provided. Costs are kept to a minimum.  The Club caters for complete novices as well as experienced marksmen, provided that they are genuinely interested in this discipline and are prepared to attend regularly.  Veterans recently retired from the Active Unit who wish to maintain contact with the HAC are particularly welcome.